Health and Wellness

At Trendi Tots Kindergarten we believe in taking a holistic approach to supporting the well-being of the children within our care. We provide endless opportunities for children to grow and develop in a healthy and well-rounded way, through our educational program, routine, and practices.

Let's Eat: Our meals are planned to be both nutritious and delicious, prepared daily with fresh and healthy ingredients. Our on-site chef prepares a wide variety of meals, following the NSW Health guidelines. Each meal is planned on an eight week rotating menu, ensuring that each child is provided with both variety and familiar flavours. We believe that allowing children to experience food that is well-balanced and beneficial to their growth and development while also being extremely tasty is essential to not only their health but also to their nutritional education. Children experience flavours from different cultures and learn which foods make up a well rounded diet. Ask any of the children at TTK: Miss Heli’s food is the best!

Get Moving: Trendi Tots Kindergarten knows that active children are happy children! The early years of a child’s life are essential for building important physical skills as well as a healthy attitude towards movement and exercise. We provide children with many opportunities to further their physical education and development through planned experiences and partnerships with outside sporting programs. We adopt the practices of the Munch and Move program into our routine and ensure that we provide children with a number of resources that encourage them to develop fundamental movement skills.

Our future: The early years of a child’s education provide them with the building blocks for future independence. Teachers model and encourage a number of healthy practices such as hygiene, nutritious eating and physical activity. We also focus on educating children to be sustainable through our edible garden, recycling, being conscious of conserving energy and water as well as how our decisions affect our planet through our every day practices. Children develop the ability to make decisions based on their acquired knowledge and become aware of the world around them by being active participants in their learning.

Emotional and mental wellness: From birth, children begin to learn how to process and project emotions in a variety of different ways. Children experience feeling of joy, sadness, humour, frustration, fear and more. At Trendi Tots Kindergarten, it is our goal to support children to properly understand their emotions and the emotions of others. We assist children to embrace their feelings and adopt healthy methods of expressing them. As children grow we nurture their developmental milestones and support their ability to express themselves through open communication. Asking children how they are feeling and what has caused them to feel this way allows them to engage in an open dialogue about themselves  and assists their understanding of their own emotions. Our teachers are caring, supportive and provide children with a safe and nurturing space in which to share thoughts and feelings, and believe that showing an understanding of a child’s emotions allows them to develop self-regulation, empathy, self-confidence and gratitude.

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