Language and literacy Learning

Literacy is all around us. In order to read and write, it is important for children to develop listening and speaking skills. Our dedicated teachers believe that by engaging in open discussion with children as individuals as well as in groups, we are able to create opportunities for them to further their expressive and receptive language skills. Regular conversation with children assists them to both adopt new words and further their own vocabulary as they listen and respond to others. At Trendi Tots Kindergarten, we encourage children to speak in their home language, English and even explore other foreign languages where possible.
Our teachers ensure that literacy is incorporated in all of our learning experiences to support children in their inquisition of the world around them using different forms of media. We provide a number of planned and spontaneous experiences which incorporate many different resources to engage children in reading, writing, creative arts and other forms of comprehension. These opportunities allow children to use literacy to communicate, question, investigate and explore the world around them.

Cognitive Learning

Cognition refers to thinking skills. Children acquire knowledge through thought, experiences, and through their senses. All experiences throughout the day support children in developing skills such as attention span, problem solving, memory recall, cause and effect, analyse and reflect, making comparisons, concept understanding and more. The principles and practices our teachers engage in are illuminated by the Early Years Learning Framework to assist children in;
-Building a strong sense of identity
-Developing a connection with the world around them
-Having a strong sense of wellbeing
-Being confident and involved learners
-Developing effective communication skills.
As children develop their cognition they further their growth across each of these learning outcomes. Skills such as problem solving, concept understanding and cause and effect encourage children to investigate and explore the world around them, openly communicate through questions such as “why” and “how”, and to reflect on their own role and identity within their community. We provide hands on experiences using tangible objects that allow children to examine and consider the how and why of what they are doing, furthering their knowledge and nurturing their developing thinking skills for the future.


Creative Learning

We understand that we are nurturing and building foundations to learning for a generation of children who will one day enter the big wide world of adult workforce. Some of these career paths may not even be created yet. In order for our world to evolve, it is so important that we allow children to be inventive and have big imaginations. We have limitless ways of instilling creativity by gently guiding their inquisitions whilst allowing children to take responsibility in the direction of where their learning ventures. Creative learning is encouraged in every aspect of what we do at Trendi Tots Kindergarten from the creative arts, drama opportunities, construction and more.

Social and Emotional Learning

At Trendi Tots kindergarten we assist our children in growing and developing confidence in their social and emotional development.
Social and emotional development is imperative in a Childs development as they begin to understand who they are, what they are feeling and what to expect when interacting with others. Teachers play key roles in helping children develop social and emotional competence. Our teachers are trained to intentionally support children’s social and emotional development by using children’s books, planned activities, coaching on the spot, giving effective praise, modelling appropriate behaviours, and providing cues.

Positive social and emotional development is important. This development influences a child’s self-confidence, empathy, the ability to develop meaningful and lasting friendships and partnerships, and a sense of importance and value to those around him/her. Children’s social and emotional development also influences all other areas of development.
At Trendi Tots Kindergarten we nurture children’s social and emotional development by providing opportunities to engage in high quality interactions on a daily basis.


Physical Learning

It is important for children to have plenty of opportunities to be active and establish healthy behaviours and habits through active play and nutrition. Our flexible outdoor learning space enables our teachers to alter the environment according to children’s physical development through a range of experiences using play equipment which challenges children and extend their gross motor abilities. We support children to identify and take calculated risks in a safe environment.

Children are also provided with experiences which encourage the development of fine motor skills. Manipulating objects, and using a range of tools assists in building strength and dexterity which children need when developing skills such as writing in preparation for formal schooling and beyond.


We strive to provide children with endless opportunities to gain knowledge and further their skills. Trendi Tots Kindergarten offer a number of extra-curricular programs and events that focus on learning across a number of different educational concepts. Many educational and extremely entertaining incursions are planned throughout the year, during which children observe and participate in performances that focus on areas such as sustainability, safety, language, music and movement, and wildlife education. We also plan outside programs which engages children in many fundamental movement and active sports skills such as dance, soccer, athletics, basketball and football.