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In the beginning...

Our dedicated teachers are committed to providing a supportive environment where your child can thrive.

We are extremely grateful for our wonderful families who are part of our community and put their trust in us as a service. We treat each child as we would our own in our home away from home like environment. Our preschool is committed to providing reassurance and confidence as you begin you and your family begin your journey in the early years of your child’s education. We aim to ensure your family feels supported from the very beginning- through our first meet and greet, enrolment, and beyond!

We offer an extensive orientation process designed to be simple and relaxed.

Families interested in enrolling their child within our service are invited to a tour of our wonderful environment, during which children are encouraged to play and interact with the resources, children and teachers at the centre while families are provided with information regarding our program and practices.

Families commencing their enrolment are invited to an information night where we elaborate on our services within our childcare and answer all of your questions in a relaxed and open atmosphere. Teachers understand the importance of settling children into the new learning environment as gently as possible, and we plan orientation days during the final months of the year which new children and their families are welcome to come in for a play and get to know our routine and so that our teachers can begin to establish a positive relationship with you and your child. As the year draws to a close we stay in regular contact with new families, as we understand that each child is an individual and may require unique strategies to make this transition smooth.

We understand that this is can be both an exciting and unsettling time for both your children and you. We encourage you to check in as often as you like and your child’s teachers will happily answer as many calls and messages order to keep you updated on how your child’s day is going. 

Separation anxiety is an extremely common aspect of a child’s transition to preschool care. Our team understands that this is can be a very stressful time for both children and their families. Teachers are flexible and aim to support families and children as they adjust to their routine, and will work collaboratively with families to develop strategies to comfort, reassure and ease children into their new childcare environment. Our Teachers are nurturing, caring and always willing to give cuddles and interact with children to build a trusting relationship with them.

For further information regarding separation anxiety, please see the links below:

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