At Trendi Tots Kindergarten we believe in providing a service that promotes the enhancement of children’s learning and supports children to be, belong and become in a welcoming and warm environment. We are accepting of all nationalities, religions, cultures, abilities and family structures, and all children are treated with love, care, and are respected as their own person. As a collective group, children are treated with fairness and equality. Each individual holds an important position in our school community as leaders and responsible citizens with unique thoughts and ideas.

Children thrive when they feel safe and secure in a consistent, welcoming, and caring environment. Our routine is structured to be familiar and predictable whilst allowing for flexibility to meet individual needs. Children are spoken to and responded to in a respectful manner and our environment allows children to feel a sense of comfort and confidence. With the support of our teachers, children develop the skills to stand up for their rights, to be independent, and to freely express themselves. We support children in developing resilience, and to regulate and understand their own emotions as well as the emotions of others.

Young children are all unique individuals with a great capacity to learn. We emphasise play based learning accompanied by intentional contemporary teaching practices as we recognise the importance of a holistic approach to support children’s growth in all aspects of their development. School readiness is embedded into our program and practices. For us, this begins from our youngest age group of two years old and continues until they reach formal school age. Our teachers endeavor to support children in making a smooth transition to primary school by providing the tools and skills necessary to develop the foundations to life-long learning, particularly in children’s social, emotional and academic development. We hold a high and realistic expectation of all children and extend individual’s knowledge through stimulating and carefully planned experiences that promote exploration, discovery, growth, and creativity.

Our teachers are passionate and committed to the development of all children. We have a genuine interest in children’s learning and enjoy celebrating milestones and achievements, big and small. We are supportive, approachable and reliable, and have positive relationships and partnerships where children, teachers and families learn together. Our teachers have a commitment to ongoing professional development; we constantly research to source new ideas, and continuously reflect on our practices and beliefs to improve ourselves in providing quality care and education to the best of our ability. Our teaching strategies and continuous program planning are informed by contemporary teaching practices to encourage critical thinking and formation of new concepts. We feel that these are vital measures in ensuring that we are equip with the skills necessary to instill the love of learning within our children.

We work in partnership with our families and the community to enhance the development of children. At Trendi Tots Kindergarten we create an experience that reflects confidence, trust and cooperation with all stakeholders. We see our service as ‘home away from home’ and actively encourage our stakeholders to share values, experiences and strategies with us. The shared decision making and strategies between families, the community and our teachers are tailored to individual needs. It is important to us that consistency between the home, school and community environment is prevalent, as it is our belief that a reciprocated collaborative partnership plays an imperative role in the overall growth of children.

All teachers are valued and empowered members of Trendi Tots Kindergarten. Regardless of qualification and experience, our teachers have the responsibility to contribute to all aspects of the service. Our decisions are informed by shared knowledge and professional development. Together we maintain high quality teamwork, cooperation and cohesiveness. We are supportive of each other and are individually accountable for creating a harmonious culture where all stakeholders are welcomed and treated with respect. Our teachers are approachable, intentional, and eager to share knowledge and skills to enhance our service. We are passionate and purposeful in our practices, and hold high expectations of ourselves in ensuring Trendi Tots Kindergarten lives true to its positive reputation within our community.